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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everyone has a "Someday" What is ours?

Elemental Scraps had a fun challenge them for this year which was to scrap our Someday. That something we alwayse keep sying we are going to do. This is their discription of the challenge:
We've all said "someday...". Whether it's "someday, I'm going to get this filing cabinet cleared" or "someday, I'm going to find happiness" or anything in between. So, we want to see your "someday".

In order to allow as much creative license as possible, we have very few stipulations about what you need to use on your layout, but of course there are a few.

- Your layout must contain journaling. Whether you choose for it to be 1 line of journaling, or an entire page of journaling, is up to you.
- Somewhere in your journaling or title it must say "someday". If you want to make the title 'Someday', that's fine. If you would rather make your title something else completely and just mention 'someday' in the journaling, that works too. Even if you happen to have a 'someday' word art you want to use, that's fine as well! As long as we can see 'someday' on your page somewhere, it counts!
- We love elements here at Elemental Scraps, so of course we would love to see some on your page. At least 10 of them! But, use your creativity! If you want to use 10 pieces of ribbon and no other elements, that's fine! If you pick one button, 3 staples, 2 flowers, 3 ribbons and a frame, that works too. If in doubt, feel free to add more.
- I am currently obsessed with tone on tone papers. So, I'd like the background of your page to be a tone on tone patterned paper. If you don't have any tone on tone papers in your stash, you can use the one below. Otherwise, tone on tone paper you already have will work.

Journaling: Going through the horrible of years of miscarriages and infertility, my life seemed so dark. like I was living in a constant nightmare.
When I was really down, only a few songs helped me feel better or that my world would not always be in darkness. “Oooh Child” by the Five Stairsteps was one of them, especially the lyrics in the title. It was a lifeline to me.
kit - March Collab kit by the designers at Designs in Digital
font: Eras Demi and Bradley Hand
Journaling: I have several albums of photos from the days before I got my first digital camera in 1999. My mom has boxes upon boxes of old family photos some dating back to before my Grandmother was born. We both know that to preserve these documents of history that they need to be scanned; and in many, cases restored. Our common mantra is that SOMEDAY we will sit down and work on scanning them. We have done this once and have we still say that SOMEDAY we will do it again.
Credits: Connie Prince We've Got Game. Fonts: DJB Leisa, MTF Loli's Handwriting.

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