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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Bucket List

We visited Scrap Orchard for stop number 7 and they gave us a humdinger of a challenge that had me thinking for days. We had to scrap our bucket list, ya know the top 100 or in this case 50 things you want to do before you die. I had never even given this any thought let alone made a list. The only rules for this challenge was that all 50 things on your list had to be represented in your layout. Here is what Angi and I came up.

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1. Visit all the Disney Parks
2. Learn to speak Polish fluently
3. Learn to read & speck French fluently.
4. Take my kids at least once to the Zoo Boo!
5. Have my family travel by train.
6. Go to Hawaii
7. See Mount Rushmore
8. Finish my kids’ scrapbooks.
9. Make a scrapbook about my husband & for him.
10. Take my daughter to a scrapbooking weekend.
11. Go ice skating
12. Breed our pet snakes.
13. Declutter my house.
14. Take my kids to Newschenstein Castle
15. Start the Parent Ambassador Program at my kids’ school.
16. Read the entire Bible.
17. Ride on Theodore Tugboat
18. Go away with my husband for a weekend w/no kids
19. Makeover my “scrap room” in the basement
20. Take my kids to Niagara Falls
21. Do “one on one” activity w/each of my kids.
22. Take my kids to an art museum
23. Lose weight & get back into my bikini
24. Have my kids volunteer at the food bank when they’re older.
25. Take my sons to a Mother-Son dance.
26. Plant a tomato garden
27. Visit England
28. Finish my Grandmother’s heritage album.
29. Make a scrapbook album to donate
30. Use up my paper scrapbooking supplies.
31. Show my girlfriend how to Speed Scrap
32. Volunteer for the dance instructor at VBC
33. Pay for my Godson’s education at our school.
34. Pay back our kids tuition to our church
35. Take my parents to Disney World with us
36. Pay forward the generousity shown us from our church members.
37. Finish the book I started to write.
38. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinatown
39. Have my parents attend my kids’ chapel during school
40. Decorate the outside of my house for Halloween
41. Go ice skating with my kids
42. Own a convertible (used)
43. Have a swimming pool
44. Take my kids to Storybook Garden in Canada
45. Take my kids to the Toronto Science Center
46. Visit Niagara on the Lake
47. Stay on Torch Lake
48. Stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
49. See all my kids graduate.
50. GET the 911 tape about my son’s birth


Journaling: I had never given much thought to a Bucket List. Working to come up with 50 things that I want to do or accomplish before I die was not an easy task. Looking over the things on my list really says a lot about where I am at in my life and where I want to be. A lot of the items are not things that I do once and then cross off but are more about changes in life styles, to be a better person. I hope that I can keep my Bucket List in mind as I go through every day of the rest of my life.

1. Get a PhD in Art History 2. Travel back to Germany 3. Get caught up on my son’s scrapbook 4. Go to a Disney Theme Park 5. Be debt free 6. Become a college professor 7. Go to Maine for Christmas 8. See a show on Broadway 9. Go on a cruise 10. Lose weight 11. Curate a traveling art exhibition 12. Create a page in my art journal every day 13. Deepen my relationship with God 14. Create 1 prayer shall a month 15. Go on a walk to Emmaus 16. Use my art to help others 17. Hike the Appalachian trail 18. Visit Scotland 19. Visit England 20. See the Grand Canyon 21. Visit the Red Wood Forest 22. Drive on Route 66 23. Take a train vacation across the US. 24. Have a romantic dinner with my hubby 25. Learn to make homemade pasta 26. Volunteer in a soup kitchen 27. Take my family to Tulip Time in Pella IA 28. Spend a day hiking with my family 29. Learn about edible plants in my area. 30 Learn sign language 31. Spend more time with family. 32 Write a note to my son and put it in his folder everyday 33. Write a note to my husband every day and put it in his lunch 34. Create a special memory with my son 35. Learn to drive a motorcycle 36. Bike to work 37. Live in the country 38. Start a prayer shawl ministry at my church 39. Learn Yoga 40. Go horseback riding 41. Swim in the Caribbean 42. Have a family game night once a week 43. Eat in a 5 star restaurant 44. Spend a weekend being pampered at a spa 45. Enter a photo contest 46. Become involved in local government 47. Do a good turn everyday 48. Join the district cub scout committee 49. Help a family in need 50. Read the bible with my family
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